How to scale WordPress blog without burning budget

I love finding ways to scale a website/business by leveraging great resources and minimize expense. This blog that you are reading right now can scale to serve millions of visits a day without breaking a sweat, and the total budget is $29/month. I will show you the tools I use, how I combine them together and why it scales.

1. WP Engine

The number one reason why I choose WP Engine as my WordPress platform provider is to save time. If I use a low end shared hosting provider to save money (which typically costs less than $5 a month), I will have to deal with changing my domain name’s DNS servers (which is not ideal since their DNS servers are slow). If I choose to rent a fast dedicated server, it would cost me more than what I wanted. Also, having complete control of a server machine means I will have to put in more work learning Linux commands, maintaining it by myself, and risk having my server hacked by experienced hackers, not to mention having to backup everyday. It would not be a good trade off if I want to focus on writing blog. As a result, WP Engine is perfect for me because:

  • Smart configurations: Because WP Engine provides WordPress only service, they are amazingly good at it. Each website is automatically configured for best performance possible. I was amazed of how fast I could access the website and the admin panel. No performance configuration needed on my end which is a plus.
  • Auto maintainance: There’s no security, backup or monitoring task needed on my end. WP Engine staffs got me covered.
  • Customer service: I had a chance to test out their customer service. They are fast, friendly and extremely knowledgeable about WordPress.

2. Google PageSpeed Services

To optimize my contents and distribute them all over the world, I use Google PageSpeed Service. It’s a FREE but invitation only service. If you send an email to [email protected] stating your Google account email address and website address, they will enable it for ya. After setting it up, you will see a tremendous speed increase that your website can deliver around the world. More importantly, by having Google PSS as your front end in combination with WP Engine, you will never have to upgrade your WP Engine plan as your visits count go up, because WP Engine will only recognize Google robots fetching data from your WP Engine origin, which is less than 100 a day. As a result, you are all set with the backend, and Google will help you serve millions of visits from the front end. It also increase your PageSpeed score, which improves SEO.

One of the most common problems for bloggers is how to scale their WordPress blog without burning a hole in their budget. The answer is simple – you need to look for low-cost, high-quality professional WordPress hosting. These servers are affordable and can support your current, as well as future growth needs.

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  1. Hi, this is my first post way back in 2014.

    I’m starting to come back to WordPress again and going to dig through the internet archives to import my old blog posts into this website.


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