Is Life Good or Evil? Who Cares. Keep Going.

My perspective for today is self fulfilling prophecy. If somebody thinks that life is cool, fun, and enjoyable, their perspective of what life gives them is positive and it will become a self fulfilling prophecy. Conversely, if someone thinks that life is cruel, evil, and judgemental, then it also becomes a self fulfilling prophecy and they’ll find reasons to believe that belief. I think some people just have a rough time with life, and then they get angry and go frustrated. The most messed up thing about this of all is that there’s no shortage of angry people to surround themselves with this. Because it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, the evidences are just mounting up to the point that they can’t believe that other reality could exist.

Sometimes, we think that life owes us something, so we take it personally if we don’t get what we want and let it go into our head, rather than laughing it off and keep going. How is it not funny? I mean even if you fail at something you try, who would have the balls to try what you did?

We have every excuses in the book. We can have a perfect background to blame everybody but us, and others might not hold that against us. Some of our background are shit, we’re only human. But in the end of the day, what is self pity gonna get? Self pity is just a coping and consolation prize. But we can focus on thriving and keep going. Some time we fails and it’s gonna hurt. If we resonate with positivity, we’re going to talk with positivity. Vice versa, we can complain about family, government, jobs, school, institutions, even constructive thing because it might have something to do with the general emotion in your body.

Not everyone is naturally positive, but we can make a choice to not be a complainers (losers). You can say this: “It’s a hard world out there man, it’s the one percent vs the ninety nine percent. The one percent goes to private schools, and they get into private colleges, and they get all the opportunities, and their parents and other people treat them better than me” and you are right. Every problem that you can describe in the world is probably true, everyone gets it. But is this an excuse? Is that the reason not to keep going and succeed? No, of course it’s not. The opportunities that we have now are much more than people who lived thousand years ago, and I think it’s pretty awesome that we’re able to experience technology, music, life, people the way we are today.

Why is life not easy? I don’t know. Who cares. Keep going!

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