Why I Make my Bed Every Morning

I make my bed every morning.  When I was a teen, I used to be very unorganized in terms of keeping my room clean and my mom always described my room as “a warfare”, and she’s right, except for the fact that I’d simply prefer to call it “a room”. I wasn’t interested in taking care of my room until 4 years ago, when I moved out and lived by myself in high school dorm. I picked up the habit of keeping it clean, organized, and minimum and was quite surprised of how better I was compared to the majority of people in the dorm. I personally moved a lot, from changing between 4 different high schools to travel half of the world and slowly transitioned to living by myself. Therefore, it built me a sense of minimalism so that I can travel in convenience. Although, I wasn’t making my bed every morning until the second year of college.

In the second year of college, I was making more money than I could spend being an internet entrepreneur, that was a combination of luck, of the time I spent loving technology since being a little 3 year old kid (as far back as I can remember), and me forcing myself to keep going (I’m pretty good at this). Everything was good, but it wasn’t great. I know my own learning process, I know I’m good at a lot of stuffs, but I feel that I need another proven skill other than internet to make money whenever I want and wherever I want. So I learned the stock market.

It took me a long time to be a consistent stock trader. I was lucky because I know my learning and business thinking process that I used before to apply to my trading. I used my internet and research skill to learn as much as possible, and then purged out what’s unnecessary. It’s also my way of shopping for clothes, pick many things you like, compare them and then only pick the best of the best to buy. It keeps my thinking process simple and effective. The stock market is always unforgiving, I was prepared because I had a large risk tolerance from my businesses, but I know I need to be better than who I was. What I lacked was discipline, a real military discipline to be able to trade and profit consistently. So I went on and challenge myself with discipline, by going to the gym everyday, eat right, socialize as much as I can, and make my bed every morning.

I make my bed every morning because of a simple fundamental reason: A sense of peace. I found out that I’m more likely to get other things done after a simple task of making my bed in the morning, which makes me feel accomplished and in control of the day. It doesn’t matter how yesterday went, if I make my bed today, everything looks good and I’m fully ready to move forward. Simply put, I make my bed every morning so that no matter what life throws at me everyday, everything’s okay.

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