Viet York (Viet Nguyen) is a world class Product Hunt addict.

He is renowned for using Instagram everyday to watch dank memes, and repost memes.

Microsoft never paid him to work on its online virtual world technology, but hey, maybe one day they will. He often rants and raves on Medium.

Some times ago, he fixed a critical bug for Ethiopia’s national domain name system out of boredom, even though they never asked him anything.

He’s been recognized as one of the best green tea drinkers.

Alright, that sums him up pretty well, he has to go now because someone is messaging him on Facebook messenger.

Now on to the real thing ….

I built my first internet business at 20 years old, sold it over a year after. I was lucky enough to get hooked on an experience that changed my life forever. I realized that profit wasn’t what kept me going, but the craving of building exciting products, sustainable and growing online products, and the drive to follow through until the end with hard work and discipline. Ever since, have been focusing on building new internet businesses, learning more practical skills, maintaining a healthy and minimalist lifestyle and enjoy my time with people around me. This blog is my attempt at building a platform where I can write and put my experiences into words.

How to pronounce my last name:

Nguyen is the most popular last name in Vietnam. You most likely met somebody that has the same last name as mine, and it took you a long time to even try to pronounce it right. No worries, here’s how to pronounce my last name.

I create websites for myself, experiment with different internet projects. I like cloud platforms that don’t require complicated infrastructure or big expenses. I’m extremely experienced in Minecraft servers and Minecraft community.

 The trading community taught me to be more disciplined and the idea of blogging is a common medium for self learning. As a result, I write about what I’m passionate about, which are but not limited to technology, stock trading, internet & business development, entrepreneurship, music, self development. On occasion, I write about stuffs that don’t fit into one of those categories.

My goal is to learn more about myself via blogging, at the same time help inspire others using what I know. I typically write at least once a week. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe to my blog.

~ Viet York