Be effective with your money and your time

Use your money to: Look better (hygiene) Feel better (nutrition) Make more money (invest) Use your time to: Look better (exercise) Feel better (meditate) Make more money (skills) Focus on things that move the needle!

How to “hack” Google with these queries

define:[word] in:mph 50kmh weather:[city] [keyword]:blogs related:[] “exact phrase match” [keyword] $100..$500 [keyword] filetype:pdf [a penny] * [is a penny] * [keyword] twitter | instagram Replace [X] with your search.

FREE sites you wish you knew sooner

TinyWow = Alter a file PDFDrive = Read a book Beehiiv = Start a newsletter Upstract = Read the internet Gamma = Easy presentations Writesonic = Kill writer’s block ContentIdeas = Get inspiration Cortado Mail = Custom email digest Enjoy!

Growing up in the metaverse

November 21st, 2059: “Do you realize that people used to live without the metaverse?” “You mean the real world?” “They used to call it the metaverse back in their days.”

AI generated poem 20220103

We’re living in a bad time, things ain’t what they seem. You won’t find good people everywhere you’re going. And those who seem good may just be lying. So if you want to be a good person, you gotta stay strong and smart. Look out for those who seem desperate, don’t lend them money, they’ll… Continue reading AI generated poem 20220103

The Universe is Insignificant to Us

The Universe is a vast and infinite place. It’s inconceivable to know how big it really is. We can’t even comprehend the distance between galaxies, and we don’t know what’s out in that great unknown. Even if we could understand it, we would be nothing more than insignificant specks of dust compared to our Universe.

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Zero Waste Minimalist Lifestyle

Free yourself of the burden that is wasteful living. I have been watching videos and trying a few days help myself live a sustainable, environmentally-friendly life that’s free of clutter. Here they are: