Be effective with your money and your time

Use your money to: Look better (hygiene) Feel better (nutrition) Make more money (invest) Use your time to: Look better (exercise) Feel better (meditate) Make more money (skills) Focus on things that move the needle!

How to “hack” Google with these queries

define:[word] in:mph 50kmh weather:[city] [keyword]:blogs related:[] “exact phrase match” [keyword] $100..$500 [keyword] filetype:pdf [a penny] * [is a penny] * [keyword] twitter | instagram Replace [X] with your search.

FREE sites you wish you knew sooner

TinyWow = Alter a file PDFDrive = Read a book Beehiiv = Start a newsletter Upstract = Read the internet Gamma = Easy presentations Writesonic = Kill writer’s block ContentIdeas = Get inspiration Cortado Mail = Custom email digest Enjoy!

AI generated poem 20220103

We’re living in a bad time, things ain’t what they seem. You won’t find good people everywhere you’re going. And those who seem good may just be lying. So if you want to be a good person, you gotta stay strong and smart. Look out for those who seem desperate, don’t lend them money, they’ll… Continue reading AI generated poem 20220103

I am 3.1% Neanderthal

After a long wait, I received an email from 23andMe saying that my first DNA result had arrived. According to the first result, I am 3.1% Neanderthal. Wow! I knew I wasn’t 100% modern human. I can now feel comfortable eating dinosaur all day everyday! So what? Am I a caveman? Actually yes, but that has… Continue reading I am 3.1% Neanderthal