Vietnamese Origins

4000BC to 3000BC

  • Ancient Barbaric Vietnamese

2500BC to 770BC

  • 18 generations of Hung King

770BC to 220BC

  • Tan Thuy Hoang Chinese Dynasty
  • Vietnam still kept the current Guangdong and Guangxi
  • 257 BC
    • An Duong Vuong tookover from the 18th Hung King

220BC to 111BC

  • 210BC
    • Tan Thuy Hoang died
  • 207BC to 111BC
    • Trieu Da (Zhao Tuo) tookover Vietnam
    • claimed the throne
    • united Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainam islands and current northern Vietnam, named it Nam Việt
  • 111BC
    • Hán Võ Đế of China took over Nam Việt
    • named every provinces Giao Chỉ (the name of one of Vietnamese tribes 2000 years prior)
    • This marks the start of thousand years colonization of Vietnam by the Chinese

Thousand Years Colonization

  • There were some rebellions but not truly successful
    • Hai Ba Trung
    • Ba Trieu

939 AD

  • Ngo Quyen won the war on Bach Dang River
  • The start of freedom

1802 AD

  • Nguyễn Ánh united the country
  • He took the name Gia Long King