Why I Chose NOT to buy Google Glass

I signed up for Google Glass Explorer program last week. Google made the program public yesterday, allowing everyone in the US to buy Google Glass. The price is $1500 + tax, same as before. It includes a glass with options of color, frames style, pouch, charger, and mono earbud.

I was ready to buy Google Glass today. However, I chose not to, and here are my reasons.

  1. #glasshole trend is still going on.
  2. I don’t need another tech gadget for my personal or professional life. Sure I like tech tools, but I am also a minimalist. For now, Google Glass hasn’t yet been significant for life, and I can’t think of any practical application that glass can do for me right now.
  3. It’s still Google Glass Explorer program. Being a Google Glass Explorer means I’m still experimenting a product in development process, which means the product’s still buggy. I would rather let other people give Google feedback and buy the official release of glass when it’s exciting enough.
  4. Wearing glasses again? No thanks. If you have ever wore glasses or contact lenses before, chances are you felt pretty uncomfortable wearing them.
  5. It’s distracting.

The big advantage of becoming an early adopter of new technology is the opportunity to both familiarize yourself with what this next wave will feel like, and the chance to get involved and influence how it develops. For some people, it’s pretty exciting. However, I’ll sit this one out.

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