How to Brainwash Yourself For The Better

You should brainwash yourself. I like to use the term “self brainwashing” because it’s true. At least, it’s true to me. I always use what I call “self brainwashing” to change my behavior, from getting rid of bad hobbies that no longer serve me, and adopting new hobbies to the fullest. Have you ever compare your current self to your past self and realize that they’re so different? Yes, it’s life and it happens. You know that your life will change in the future but you just can’t outline it perfectly because of the unknown. Sometimes, to take control of your life and change yourself to what you desire, you have to forget who you currently are and literally putting new experience, perspective in place repeatedly.

The key to brainwashing yourself more efficiently is recognition and understanding what you can and can’t control. Human nature tends to mix them up and fill what we can’t control with speculation, hope and a bunch of different emotions. It’s simply a survival instinct and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you can look past that and focus more on what you can control, such as the thing you eat, the people in your life.

What you can’t control:

What would my future be?

Will I have a nice life

Changing other people

What you can control:

The food you eat.

Your workout schedule.

Your tolerance level to shit other people throws at you.

The clothes you wear

The look and cleanliness of your personal living space.

The information/education you like to focus more in.

Your reaction with other people.

Your learning system, how you want to deal with learning materials.

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